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  • Tahoe

    We went up to Tahoe last weekend to catch some of the record snows that have fallen on the Sierras over the past few weeks. Our digital camera’s battery ran out of juice so I only have this shot of a tricked out Mustang that we saw on the road but Doug Yarrington posted more […]

  • Frequent Flier Miles as Currency

    According to a story in The Guardian, The Economist reports that if you added up the value of all the frequent flier miles outstanding, they would add up to $700 billion, surpassing the value of any other floating currency in the world. Who hasn’t thought that there should be a free market in Frequent Flier […]

  • Monterey


    For the last weekend of the year, we travelled two hours south to Monterey where we stayed for two nights to unwind a bit. We made no specific plans except to see the famous aquarium where the only captive white shark in the world continues to thrive in their big tank. Things really clicked for […]

  • Electric Coils & Chickens

    Our kitchen/dinning room looks like one of those life-sized dioramas in the Smithsonian that should be titled something like “Rental Apartment in Alameda, circ. 1980.” Behind me on the wall someone thought it’d be funny to put up a Norman Rockwell print (signed litho by the way) of some Pilgrim in the stockade with the […]

  • Increased Entropy

    Living in a one bedroom, furnished apartment, with a pull out sofa bed for the kids, has taught us that small children are not unlike electrons in their observance of the immutable laws of the universe. The smaller the space you give them, the higher the energy. This is our living room at 8 pm. […]

  • Welcome to California!

    Our cars arrive.

  • House-Hunting, a Play in 12 Acts. . .

    . . . and if feels like we’re still in the First Act! Another weekend of driving around looking at open houses and hoping that the right place will fall in our laps. We’ve narrowed down where we want to live to such a small area that we pretty much know each house on the […]

  • Temporary Space

    We left Pennington, our home of four years, in the early morning fog to catch our flight to California. The limo driver said that he’s been taking a lot of people out to the airport for their moves out of New Jersey. This echoed what our mover said in that they’ve been extremely busy because […]

  • 350 boxes on the wall. . .

    Just got through packing up 350 boxes of stuff that’s all going on a trailer truck tomorrow. When we moved here four years ago we had 150 boxes on half a container, my how we’ve grown.

  • Breather

    We took some time off from the house hunt today to spend some time enjoying the beautiful weather with the kids who were fraying at the edges after three solid days in which we must have previewed over 20 homes around the Bay Area. We first headed over to Alameda to check out the 20th […]