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  • Touchdown

    We took JetBlue from JFK to Oakland for a change of pace. And what a pleasant surprise! The people were nice for a change and seemed truly happy to have us aboard. Our fellow passengers also seemed generally jovial and it’s can-do cheekiness reminded me of the early days of Virgin Air. Our arrival in […]

  • Tokyo & New York Photos

    I finally got around to posting pictures from my trip to Japan and while I was at it, a weekend trip to New York City where Tyler asked another good question.

  • Head Fake

    Psych! We were quietly settling in for our flight (Continental 008) from Tokyo to Newark when the ultra-smooth voice of the captain comes over the IC. Something about an issue with the right engine that came up in the pre-flight check and needs further investigation. The captains cucumber-cool voice continues with something like, “We’ve got […]

  • Rip-cord

    Today I announced my resignation from Factiva. I’ve been contemplating a move for several months now and the starts aligned in such a way to open up a door for me (thanks Mie!) at Six Apart, the folks who put out the software that allows me to create this site. I’ve had a good run […]

  • San Francisco for the weekend

    With the family away it seemed like a good time to get away for a quick trip out to the left coast for the long weekend. Beautiful weather, fun times, and random photos from the weekend.

  • Some Villagers prefer to take to the air rather than water or wheels

    The local paper in Loudon, TN finally got around to running a story on our April trip. I’ve since been back a second time but the greased wheels of the media run a bit slower down there. More pictures from the first trip, along with a photo of the photographer are here. Funny to think it’s […]

  • Nashville

    Greetings for Nashville, Tennessee where I am writing to you from the Factiva booth while we wait for the sound crew to finish hooking up the A/V equipment for tomorrow. I’m here for the next few days for the annual gathering of the Special Librarian’s Association where we will show off our latest developments. The […]

  • Middlesex 20th Reunion

    Last weekend we drove up to Concord, MA for my 20th high school reunion. Middlesex School is an independent boarding school that was founded in 1901 where I lived and learned from age 14 – 18. The campus was designed by Olmstead, the same fellow that laid out Central Park, and is just as beautiful […]

  • Tennessee


    Last weekend we travelled to Knoxville, Tennessee where we visited with my Uncle Dave, Aunt Ollie, cousins Shawn and David, and Grandmother Laura. Photos of the trip are posted here (I’ve added more for you this time Dav!). The highlight of the trip was an evening at the dirt track races.

  • Photo Albums

    Finally starting to catch up on our recent travels with new photo albums for the Cancun and Boston trips.