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  • Thoughts on Helsinki

    As with most business trips, my first visit to Helsinki this week was abbreviated and knowingly distorted view of the city. Here are a collection of my impressions. It’s not as cold as I thought. I wouldn’t want to work outside fixing roads or anything but for a quick stroll, a sweater and jacket was […]

  • Dedicated to all the Vacation Travellers

    Cool montage of planes taking off from unknown airport. Found on ffffound!

  • Angel Island

    Angel Island, originally uploaded by inky. One of the few family photos we have of all four of us. Of course we’re looking into the sun so the kids are squinting. We saw an episode of Bay Area Backroads, a local TV show on things to do, that gushed about how great it was to […]

  • San Diego

    We took a quick trip down to San Diego (photos) last weekend to escape all the banging and clanging going on because of The Kitchen Project.

  • Monterey First Night

    Monterey First Night

    We just got back from a few days down in Monterey where we greeted the New Year with the rest of the town at their annual First Night Festival. We thought the kids get tired out by their usual 8pm bedtime but they were so excited to be spending the night in a hotel room […]

  • Daytripping to Santa Cruz: The Mystery Spot & Boardwalk best enjoyed in the off season

    So ends our long weekend. It’s amazing how refreshing some time off can be when you take the time to enjoy it by not going anywhere. Our neighbors across the street took a week-long holiday to the Caribbean and they look exhausted. We stood still while the rest of our block rushed off to the […]

  • Photos from Japan

    Ok, I’m getting there. I’ve uploaded some photos from the Japan trip to give you a sense of what we did while we were there. A guy I work with, Matt Peterson also took some pictures while he was in Japan and they are fantastic.

  • Redwoods, Wine, & Seashore

    We went up to the Russian River this weekend to celebrate Izumi’s birthday. The draw was the annual Barrel Tasting festival but we branched out and did a few other things while we were there. There was an amazing grove of 2,000 year old redwoods right up the road from our hotel where Izumi found […]

  • Steve Fossett, where are you going?

    When talking with Tyler this morning about Steve Fossett’s solo flight around the world, my five year old son asked, "Why did he do that? All the way around the world to end up at the same place? He should have visited someplace and met some people." Good point.

  • Hawaii

    For those of you who were wondering where we were – we skipped out of town for a week in Hawaii. Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Takei for putting us up again in your splendid pad! We took it real easy as several of us came down with colds which kept the activities to a […]

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