Temporary Space

We left Pennington, our home of four years, in the early morning fog to catch our flight to California. The limo driver said that he’s been taking a lot of people out to the airport for their moves out of New Jersey. This echoed what our mover said in that they’ve been extremely busy because Sony just shut down their New Jersey campus and have moved a lot of people out West. It seem like those involved in the relocation business have a good sense of the economy and from talking with them, it seems like things are picking up. The tide rises and the boats start to drift around.

We’re now in a furnished apartment in Alameda, where we eventually want to live. More house-hunting this weekend but at least we’ve got a rental contract that we can take to the School District office so we can get Tyler enrolled in the local Kindergarten.

I’ll try and get the digital camera hooked up so I can post some pictures from our various goodbye parties. Lots of tears and I think it really hit Tyler pretty hard in ways that we will not fully appreciate until we see how things go at his new school. It’s always sad to leave friends behind.






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