House-Hunting, a Play in 12 Acts. . .

. . . and if feels like we’re still in the First Act! Another weekend of driving around looking at open houses and hoping that the right place will fall in our laps. We’ve narrowed down where we want to live to such a small area that we pretty much know each house on the market there. We drive the streets one last time just to see if there’s some FSBO that slipped past without us knowing. We’ve got three internet filters running as well as a buyer’s agent scanning the MLS every morning. It’s pretty sad.

Tyler knows what each realtor’s signs look like and shouts out when he sees one. Either Izumi or I will say, “no, that’s the one that reeks of cats” or, “that the one with the psycho neighbors” or, “that one had that weird fishpond thing in the backyard.” We know this market!

Because there was nothing new to look at, we ventured up into the Berkeley hills just so I could show Izumi what it was like up there. After winding up and down some narrow hilltop roads with Izumi and Tyler both saying that the cliffside roads were scaring the bejezus out of them, Julia threw up. I guess we’re not going to live in the hills!

This evening, all tired out and a bit punch drunk after being cooped up in the car all weekend, we went to a local Chinese restaurant for dinner. The food was good and the service great but when the kids starting dancing in their seats to a version of My Favorite Things played on traditional Chinese instruments (trust me, it sounded odd) we all bust out laughing. We so very much want a place to call home!






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  1. Dav Avatar

    Ha, Julia has got Mie’s stomach!

  2. Xcountrymove Avatar

    For Sale by Owner

    To FSBO or not to FSBO, that really is the question. Before you can move across the country, you need to sell your house, that is, if you own a home. I think most people who sell a home wonder if they could sell their house by owner. After all, who …

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