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  • Amtrak

    I’m writing this on the train ride from hell on the way home from a three day trip to Boston. I thought I’d be clever and take Amtrak because their high speed Acela trains have electric outlets so while viewing the New England coastline slip by I could catch up on my email backlog. Little […]

  • Philly

    We spent the day in Philadelphia today which is easier to get in and out of than NYC. Saw a children’s play at the Please Touch Museum and then caught a few laps of the USPRO Wachovia Classic cycling race. Later in the evening, our little hamlet put on lessons in Square Dancing in the […]

  • Hawaii

    Just got back from a week’s holiday in Hawaii where we met up with Izumi’s parents. Absolutely wonderful break from the craziness of work. Swam every day with the kids and flew (and lost) a kite with Tyler. Tiki torches at twilight, tropical fish and dolphins at the hotel lagoon.

  • Lost Angels

    I was away last weekend at a conference in Los Angeles. Missed the lovely Spring weather back home and instead almost drowned under four inches of heavy rainfall. Lucky to have rented a car with GPS as the rain was so heavy that I could barely see the exit signs on the freeway!

  • Philly Waterfront

    We took advantage of the unseasonably warm weather on Sunday to visit the submarine Becuna and battleship Olympia tied up at Penn’s landing and check out the exhibits at the Philadelphia Seaport. Great bargain as admission is free on Sundays from 10am – Noon. After getting lost on the streets of Philly we made our […]

  • Was over in Tokyo last month

    Was over in Tokyo last month with the family in tow for the launch of the Japanese interface for my company’s product, factiva.com. We had a proper press event where I held court for an hour or so and did my best to wow them. We got covered in some of the local press and […]

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