Last weekend we travelled to Knoxville, Tennessee where we visited with my Uncle Dave, Aunt Ollie, cousins Shawn and David, and Grandmother Laura. Photos of the trip are posted here (I’ve added more for you this time Dav!). The highlight of the trip was an evening at the dirt track races.

Dirt Track Hero






3 responses to “Tennessee”

  1. mie Avatar

    Oh my gosh…the photos are fantastic. I love grandmother beautiful and stylish on the boat, and then a bit unprepared for the windy speed! Julia looking racy is just precious.

    Wish we could of been there! I can’t wait to visit in summer get us all to hang out. They have the best chill hang out spot, no?

  2. ian Avatar

    Yes – the front porch is a lovely place to hang out and enjoy the summer breezes.

  3. Dav Avatar

    Yeah, great photos! I’m jealous, we didn’t get a dirt track date or glider lessons on our visit 🙁

    I love the contrasting Tyler/Julia speed boat shots. You should work them into next year’s calendar.

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