We went into Manhattan for Christmas Day, waking up early to open presents and then jumping into the Odyssey (dubbed “Flash” by Tyler) for the drive. It was the first time for me to drive in the city and it was a lot easier than I thought. Yeah, it was Christmas and the streets were pretty bare, but as a dry run for another trip next week, I have to say that the disregard the drivers have for the actual lanes on the Avenues makes it even a little fun.

We caught the Rockettes for their Radio City Christmas Spectacular with front section tickets we scored after trading in a bunch of our Amex points. It was quite the show. Kitchy? Most definitely. But also done with a high degree of percision. Those dancers are not any slouches and they even took the opportunity to poke fun at the Nutcracker Suite. I’ve also never experienced 36 people tap dancing in live in perfect unison before – I was certainly entertained. The kids also were most impressed with Tyler dancing through some of the numbers and Julia taking it all in, eyes wide open but arms crossed politely in her lap. Tyler also enjoyed the 3-D movie trailer but was disappointed to find that the glasses didn’t work outside on Times Square.






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