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Richard Scarry’s Cultural Commentary


Flickr user Alan Taylor finds some interesting differences between his 1963 edition of Richard Scarry’s book and the more recent version he got for his kids. Annotated photos show point out the details. The “brave hero” rescues the “beautiful screaming lady” in 1963 but in 1991 its the “fire fighter” rescues the “cat in danger.”


The New Yorker on DVD-ROM

Every issue of The New Yorker since 1925 is now available on DVD-ROM for $100 from Don’t you wish they would put all these articles online via Yahoo Subscriptions or Factiva?

Scoble’s Business Blog Book

Microsoft Blogger, Robert Scoble, and seasoned PR pro, Shel Israel, are working on a new book about business blogging, The Red Couch. From their proposal to the publisher:

The Red Couch explains the why and how of blogging to business people.
Using recent case studies throughout its 250-300 pages, it will
demystify this disruptive technology and explaining why it is more
efficient, credible and effective than traditional business
communications tools and explains why it is likely to change or destroy
the usual marketing mix of ads, PR, websites and collateral materials.

What’s even cooler is that the writing of the book is going to take place on a blog so we can expect lots of interactive conversations to take place on the blog. They’re currently drafting the Table of Contents and are asking for input.

Buzz Marketing with Blogs

I haven’t had a chance to skim this yet but it should be of interest to anyone thinking of adding blogs to their marketing campaign. I hope there’s a section that says there is no quick any easy way to launch a popular blog – it really comes down to having a site that is well-written, truthful to your motives, and speaks to the reader in a way that keeps ’em coming back.

Written by Susannah Gardner of Hop Studios self-described website designers ("Web sites. We make those."), you can order the book from Amazon here.

Update: Ah but of course there’s a blog associated with the book, due out in March.


Library Card


Now that we have a permanent address and can prove to the local library that we’re not going to pinch their books, Izumi was able to get Tyler his library card. Only one other litmus test – he needs to be able to write his own name.