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Childhood Nightmare

The stuff of nightmares when I was growing up was this scene from the slasher, Trilogy of Terror.

Scrub forward to 52 mins in.

Boston Dynamics released an update

And, of course, Black Mirror perfected the terror in Metalhead.

Current Events

Robots copy Nature

As soon as Google announced it was acquiring the scary mechanical cheetah company Boston Dynamics, twitter exploded into a series of snarky comments about self-aware robots from a company that knows everything about you chasing after you to watch more YouTube.

Say what you will, Boston Dynamic is a fascinating company. I’ve marveled at BD’s robotics and have watched all the videos as they came out (Boing Boing has a nice collection of them) but David Pogue’s Making Stuff series on Nova has a segment which goes into a bit more detail along with an interview with the company’s founder.

The entire episode is fascinating but the Boston Dynamics segment starts at 19:30.

Other projects mentioned in the video include Festo’s Bionic Innovations

Festo BionicOpter

and UPenn’s GRASP labs research on swarming nanobots.