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  • Google and Intergalatic Law

    What happens when you open Google in a non-standard browser like Opera Mini? You get the following snippet. Sorry, but this browser does not support web word-processing. Please see our system requirements page for a list of supported browsers. If you are working to fix problems with a specific browser and would like to bypass […]

  • Opera’s Next Movement

    Opera has a cryptic splash page on its site announcing something wonderful in the near future for mobile browsers. What will it be?  Intomobile says that hints can be found in the source (I couldn’t find anything). What will it be? If you want to read more substantive thoughts on the future of mobile browsing, […]

  • Nielsen/NetRatings Total Minutes metric. Sounds nice, how does it work?

    Maybe I’m missing something. In all the breathless, “the pageview is dead” stories that came out last week surrounding Nielsen/NetRatings’ press release that they will include “Total Minutes” as part of their ranking methodology, I couldn’t find any information on how the measurement would work. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all in favor of trying […]

  • Video Advertising – two approaches

    Apple announced today that it will run graphical ads in the lower-left hand corner of the iTunes product as users listen to podcasts on their PC. Advertising Age goes on to write that this will help offset the costs of producing and hosting podcasts. Everyone will be looking at this closely. In other news, I’ve […]

  • Microsoft, Longhorn, and RSS

    Lots of buzz around Microsoft’s announcement that they are going to bake RSS into the next generation of Windows, Longhorn. If you’ve got the time, I highly recommend you sit through the MSDN Channel 9 video interview with the Longhorn/RSS team taken the day before their announcement at Gnomedex. You can feel the energy and […]

  • Internet Explorer Update this Summer

    Microsoft announced that it will be updating their Internet Explorer browser which hasn’t had a major upgrade since they announced 6.x back in 2002. The news was greated warmly by most users commenting on the MSDN IE blog with many asking for advanced CSS, PNG, and XHTML support while others ask for features such as […]

  • Guessing what you’re after

    I just downloaded Firefox 1.0 this morning and with my Noia theme there’s a big blue lollipop thing right next to the address bar. Hover text says, "Type a location in the address field, then click Go" It looks like it’s using the Google "I’m feeling Lucky" result which I stayed away from because of […]

  • AOL dumps Netscape?

    I’m not sure I totally follow what’s going on here but CNet reports today that they are now going to base their new browser on Internet Explorer technology. Huh? Didn’t AOL buy a browser company for this purpose?

  • The uncertain future of Internet Explorer?

    It’s been three years since a significant update to IE. Has Microsoft abandoned IE? Microsoft’s last major browser release was in August 2001. The company in the summer of 2003 discontinued its browser for the Macintosh and said it would issue no more standalone versions of IE. Last month, the company released new IE security […]

  • Firefox moves into 1.0

    The popular alternative to Microsoft Explorer, Mozillla’s Firefox, released it’s 1.0 preview on Tuesday. There’s been a steady increase in the number of Firefox installs as folks start to move away from IE in the wake of all its security problems. On my personal site, I’ve seen Mozilla and Safari traffic grow to where it […]

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