Lots of buzz around Microsoft’s announcement that they are going to bake RSS into the next generation of Windows, Longhorn. If you’ve got the time, I highly recommend you sit through the MSDN Channel 9 video interview with the Longhorn/RSS team taken the day before their announcement at Gnomedex. You can feel the energy and excitement coming out of Redmond.

The video includes a demo of IE 7 and a hacked version of RSS Bandit on Longhorn that shows:

  • autodiscovery (no need to hunt for the little orange chicklet)
  • adding a feed populates a common list of feeds that can be shared by all Longhorn apps
  • Calendar support for RSS feeds of events (click to subscribe to events in Outlook)
  • <treat as> and <sort by> collaboration with Amazon to handle lists
  • adding feed of photoblogs to make a screensaver

More details and pointers on MSDN. RSS Everywhere!