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  • Distribution without tears

    Written somewhere over Kansas on the way to WordCamp for Publishers. Please look me up if you want to chat about this post. This is a shameless pitch for a plugin to WordPress my company just published but there are also broader ideas proposed here and I would love your feedback. SmartNews is a mobile […]

  • Feature List for an RSS Reader

    With the announcement of the sunsetting (never did like that word) of Google Reader, a discussion was kicked off at work over what features would make up an ideal RSS reader. Everyone at GigaOM is a voracious reader so we like to compare information processing tools and techniques like foodies discuss recipes. Here’s my short list: […]

  • What’s Old is New

    When you’ve been around long enough, you start to see old ideas, re-invented. These guys have managed to crack the nut of how to monetize social media by charging $35 to print your twitter stream onto toilet paper which you can then use in the restroom. More details from Laughing Squid. Roll back seven years […]

  • Google Reader Power Readers – unlocked

    Browsing my feeds this morning I saw an ad for Google’s Power Readers feature appended on the bottom of a TechCrunch post. The ad pointed to the Google Power Reader page, an editorially crafted bundle of feeds made up of linkblog posts, generated by celebrities hand-picked and using Google Reader. This is the first time […]

  • Feedburner Stats Way Down

    I noticed a big drop in the number of Feedburner subscribers to my blog over the past few days with the number of subscribers dropping nearly 50% starting sometime Thursday last week (May 8th). I noticed one other person reporting a drop and they pointed to Google Reader numbers being the culprit and, sure enough, […]

  • Google Reader adds Search. Why Competition is Good.

    Just a few days after posting about the new Bloglines beta and how it was nice to re-discover their search your feeds feature, Google announced that they’ve finally added a search box to their Reader. I’m staying with Bloglines right now for the novelty of it but I’ve noticed; Things that get marked “read” don’t […]

  • Bloglines beta – so nice to see ya.

    The Time & Newsweek of the Web 2.0 blogosphere both mention the re-launch of Bloglines. It’s great to see another reader on the market just for variety’s sake. I moved to Google Reader a while ago as my main reader mostly because of it’s mobile interface which looks great on the Blackberry. I had left […]

  • Facebook and RSS out

    Facebook and RSS out

    Dave Winer pointed out that RSS feeds are now available for your Friends Status, Friends Posted and Notifications pages in Facebook. The friends updates have been around for a while but the notifications feed might be new. An astute comment on the Techcrunch post about this news says: The news feed really was a stroke […]

  • Yahoo! Pipes : A Giant Erector Set for the Web

    I’m not a programmer but I love to tinker. Much to the chagrin of my parents, I liked nothing better than taking things apart and seeing how they worked. The thing that made the early web so much fun was the View > Page Source command in the browser which allowed me to take apart […]

  • Subscribe to PDF files via iTunes

    Steve Rubel points to an interesting development of Apple’s iTunes client. The addition of PDFs to iTunes is more than just a mildly interesting occurrence. iTunes, as a ubiquitous cross-platform app, has its own embedded browser that powers the music store. It’s conceivable that Apple could turn iTunes into a dedicated RSS reader that operates […]

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