Browsing my feeds this morning I saw an ad for Google’s Power Readers feature appended on the bottom of a TechCrunch post. The ad pointed to the Google Power Reader page, an editorially crafted bundle of feeds made up of linkblog posts, generated by celebrities hand-picked and using Google Reader. This is the first time I’ve seen Google step up and take such an extensive editorial role in a product to the point where they are actively promoting an editorial voice.

It’s a smart way to promote not only the sharing feature of Google Reader but also Google Reader as place to consume feeds. My only criticism is that the subscribe option for this bundle of feeds is limited to . . . Google Reader.


There is a way to eventually make it to the source url for this bundle but you need to go down the path as if you were going to add it to your Google Reader account (meaning you need to login to Google) before they tell you the URL for the Journalists Shared Items page (via a re-direct URL which contains “source=prhomejournalistsall” which gives us a hint that the PR department is behind this. From there you can get to the RSS feed and subscribe to it as you will.

For kicks I’ve added the feed into a My Yahoo page with a few extra bits from Yahoo editorial added in as a bonus. A bundle of bundles if you will. You can grab it here.

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