Google Reader adds Search. Why Competition is Good.

Google Reader Search Box

Just a few days after posting about the new Bloglines beta and how it was nice to re-discover their search your feeds feature, Google announced that they’ve finally added a search box to their Reader.

I’m staying with Bloglines right now for the novelty of it but I’ve noticed;

  1. Things that get marked “read” don’t seem to always stay that way, still trying to figure out the pattern
  2. I’m missing not having a decent mobile access ( doesn’t really do it for me) to read feeds on the go

Competition is a wonderful motivator. There was a whole lot of hoopla around the Google Reader API that was going to allow developers to extend Google Reader in all sorts of intersesting ways. Niall Kennedy did a whole dissection of the API and reverse engineered the Google Reader so people could see how it was put together. That was in December 2005 – now I can only find one example of a product that uses this promised but yet to be released API. I guess things got re-prioritized – we’ve all been there.

At least there is OPML which makes it easy to jump around. It sure is nice to have the freedom to experiment and walk if something better comes along.







2 responses to “Google Reader adds Search. Why Competition is Good.”

  1. Eric Engleman Avatar

    You mentioned that posts don’t always seem to stay read in Bloglines Beta. Could you tell me?

    Are you describing the greying out of the read items?

    Eric Engleman – Team Bloglines

  2. ian Avatar

    When I look at my feeds in Full View I notice that stories that I had marked “read” by scrolling over them or clicking on Mark All Read are re-appearing.

    Specifically, I look at my subscription to and see the story about Emily King which I know I have already seen. It’s there again and the timestamp in the upper right is showing,

    Updated 41 mins ago
    Posted Sept 5, 2007

    Maybe it’s something with the way the feedreader is checking for new content? I’m pretty sure the site owner hasn’t updated the post because I’m seeing the last three posts and they are all updated 41 mins. ago.

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