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  • Dopplr 2008

      I didn’t travel much in 2008 but Dopplr’s year-end summary sure makes it look pretty.

  • Do You Watchphone?

    According to the Register, LG Electronics is gearing up to offer a wristwatch phone at CES next week. There are two ways to look at this announcement and I’d be really interested to hear what people think. 1. This is the first announcement of a new form factor for phones. What looks clunky today will […]

  • Yahoo on Widget Architecture

    I was at the local Mobile Monday event last night to learn more about Yahoo’s Blueprint development framework and soak up some of the local mobile scene. One of the presenters, sorry, didn’t catch his name, was the UI Designer and he Bill Bull, Head of Platform UED, made a very insightful comment about web […]

  • Facebook takes away your thumbs

    Inside Facebook noticed that the thumbs up icon no longer on the Facebook mini-feed.  All in the name of simplification says Facebook but to me it seems like they’ve removed a sense of control over the feed I once thought I had. Curiously, the FAQ is still there.

  • Flickr Stats Under Construction Animation

    Flickr released it’s stats feature for Pro members today and while your stats are being crunched, they show the classic “under construction” animated .gifs. What people may not know is that there are three versions that you get in somewhat random order. There’s more where these came from. . .

  • Sad Cubicles

    MyBlogLog world headquarters is in Berkeley which is normally packed with eager young interns brimming over with cool ideas to re-invent the world. But school’s back in session and most of the interns are cramming for their finals so it’s really, really quiet around here. We’ve been busy day-to-day but methinks a half-day of redecoration […]

  • Turning off Feedburner Link Splicer

    Nothing worse than looking at the last five posts for your blog and seeing a bunch of Links for 2007-06-08 [del.icio.us] which is just a sorry excuse for saying that your blog still has a pulse. I’m working dammit – if I have something to share I’ll blog about it and, if you subscribe, than […]

  • My New Start Page for the Next 25 Days

    Leslie Harpold will be counting down the days of Christmas with a new daily entry for her online Advent Calendar. Taking advantage of the medium, she will post a carefully selected graphic and link to pair with a Christmas memory from her community. She’s been at for five years so she’s developed quite a following […]

  • Adam Greenfield’s Everyware Principles

    What will the world be like when everything you own is networked? What if the floor on which you walked, the clothes on your back, your razor, and even in your toilet could not only talk to each other but also could share information with your friend’s devices and other devices and sensors connected to […]

  • Hidden Images – FedEx

    Did you know that the FedEx logo has an arrow built into it? The Sneeze has an interview with Lindon Leader, the man behind the logo.