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  • this yor folt

    this yor folt

    How do you bring a 100,000 person global company to a grinding halt? Reply All.

  • Sibling Rivalry 2009

    A Nokia colleague of mine here in Finland had a charming update to an age old scenario. In this scene, the older sister, who is 13, is saying she has a crush on a boy in her school. It’s a boy in her school and the younger sister is dying to know who it is. […]

  • BarCampBlock and the Great Beyond

    I had a great time at BarCampBlock this past weekend. Regretfully, I could only attend on Saturday but got to soak in the scene and definitely will chip in and help out in future BarCamp events when I can. The excitement surrounding the sessions reminded me of the early BloggerCon events that got me into […]

  • New email format for Yahoo! Groups

    Yahoo Groups just announced that they will embed new links in HTML emails from subscribed groups. From the notice: Get one click access to your favorite group features. If your group updated any content, you can find out from the email. Message Archive Read and reply to group messages Photos Share photos from your photo […]

  • Email is broken (part II)

    Further expanding on a point raised last year, today I received an email the had the following disclaimer in the .sig. Note: Because of the high volume of spam we receive, legitimate e-mail is sometimes mistakenly filtered. If you send a message and don’t receive a reply, please try the telephone. The IT press has […]

  • Email is broken

    Peter Coffee writes in Goodbye to Email that spam, phishing, and the hide-and-seek games that spammers play in trying to outwit new email filter schemes is causing so much headache that some Enterprise IT manager’s are looking at alternative communication channels such as application-to-application links. . . . the fraction of e-mail comprising spam rose […]

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