Sibling Rivalry 2009

A Nokia colleague of mine here in Finland had a charming update to an age old scenario. In this scene, the older sister, who is 13, is saying she has a crush on a boy in her school. It’s a boy in her school and the younger sister is dying to know who it is.

Younger sister creates a website which is all sparkly with animation and mood music and has an embedded form in it. Fill in the name of the person you love and this site will tell you if it’s a true match. It’s a trap of course. There’s a mailto: embedded into the Submit button. Anything typed into the box will be emailed to the younger sister’s email account.

The younger sister is ten.

Older sister runs across the form, can’t resist temptation and types in boy’s name and clicks on button. As soon as she does, old sis realizes what’s happening! She’s furious!

Old sis tries to logging into Young sis’ email account to delete the email. It takes her a few tries but she gets it. It’s easy to guess. She deletes the email with her beau’s name, disaster averted!

Old sis saunters into the living room, tells Young sis that she wasn’t fooled by her amateur prank – says that her password was easy to guess and she deleted the email anyway.

Young sis winks back at Old sis. Says she figured that would happen. That’s why she added a .forward file to her account that forwards any email sent to her email address to another secret account she created just for that purpose.

Hair pulling ensues!






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  1. Mie Yaginuma Avatar

    Wow. I know technology will progress at what seems exponential rates, but wow to read a real example of youngsters living and breathing what is still rather new to our generation. Can't fathom what my daughter will be pulling off as normal as us, her parents, rather tech savvy at the moment, gasp in disbelief.


  2. iankennedy Avatar

    Oh yes, and the final comment from the mother of these kids was, “With kids like these, how do you expect me to filter their internet usage?”

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