Fisher-Price, the toy company that used to market them, has just eliminated almost all the View-Master titles that have been a staple of young lives for almost 70 years.

The Economist

Rumor has it that Microsoft will license the rights to the View-Master and use them as a new and innovative distribution channel for their PowerPoint slideshows which will be made available with a special relationship with Kodak.

Positioned as a low cost alternative to Apple’s iPod, the co-branded Microsoft Slide-Master© will be sold via Microsoft enterprise sales and partners as a no-nonsense business tool as an ideal tool to distribute training material.

“In these lean times, it’s important to keep our costs down but continue to deliver,” said the head of HR Training at a major consulting firm.

Microsoft will make available a special print format template that, once installed, will allow you to save your slideshows in the View-Master format and upload them to the Kodak Gallery online store which will print out the reels and ship them overnight.