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  • Skipper


    My great-grandfather, the World War I pilot.

  • The World’s Toughest Job

    Happy Mother’s Day.

  • Time Travel

    Leave it to the Lutherans. 100 years ago, on April 22, 1913, the Ladies Aid Society and the First Lutheran Church in Oklahoma City sealed a time capsule which has been sitting under a grill set into the floor of the church. Last month, the Century Chest as it was called, was opened. The contents…

  • When Mom Left for America

    When Mom Left for America

    While in Japan I ran across a bunch of scanned photos that I think my sister did last time she was there. I grabbed them and within the collection, I found one of my favorite old photos of my mom. My father loves Japan. He moved there in the early Sixties when not too many…

  • Cancer Sucks

    Cancer Sucks

    I’m in Japan this week to visit my father. He has colon cancer and just checked in for surgery. This is not a total shock. He is getting old after all and I’ve come to accept a time when something like this would happen. He’s taking it well. He has openly embraced his body slowly…

  • Julia on Violin

    She’s been wanting to play for years. and now she’s now learning to pluck the strings. Yesterday, Julia received certification from the Royal College of Music.

  • Update from Tokyo

    Following up on last week’s letter, here’s an update from my father who lives in Tokyo. –The New York Times says just short of half a million people are now in “shelters,” which in most cases means living on a blanket spread out on the floor of a high-school gymnasium. Most of these rural people…

  • Letter from Tokyo

    My father just sent an email yesterday to my sister and I describing the situation in Tokyo. Knowing how everything runs like clockwork in that city, it’s even more striking how the country adapts when they have to improvise. Four days after the quake we are still feeling aftershocks. We’ve received over sixy aftershocks so…

  • Laura Miller Kennedy 1925-2010

    My Grandmother passed away earlier this month and although I could not make it to her memorial service in upstate New York, I did send along the following anecdote to share with those attending. I will miss her but she lived a very full life and lives on in her stories. Laura Kennedy, my Grandmother, was a…