Went to Mie & Dav’s celebration/baby shower for their baby due out anytime in the next few weeks. Mie literally looks like she ate an entire basketball – she’s perfectly round.

No, they haven’t decided on a name yet but “Tesla” was being mulled over as of yesterday. I’m sure they’ll find the perfect name once they see her.

Dav caught this rare photo of Izumi who always hides from the camera. Isn’t she beautiful?

The King Sleeps

The King Sleeps

Izumi popped in to check on Tyler before going to bed and saw this. He didn’t have any head gear on when we tucked him in. When we asked him about it the next morning, Tyler said that he put it on after we left him because it was flattened out and he wanted to restore it to it’s original shape.

The crown was given to him on his birthday at school where he was. “king for a day.”

The Origin of Stealth Technology

My uncle tells a great story about how he discovered some of the technology that contributed making stealth aircraft. He was in charge of QA at an aircraft plant that was making wings out of composite materials. He was looking for a non-destructive way to test the makeup of composite materials to look for imperfections as they cooled. One approach he was researching was using, “non-traditional forms of energy” to look for voids in the composite structure. During the course of his fiddling around with various waveforms and orientations, he noticed that he could deflect the waves when the composites were configured in a certain way.

My uncle, upon telling his boss about this oddity, was encouraged to document his findings for a company patent. When management looked over what he had presented, they saw that he was onto something and he was called in, asked if he could get the security clearance, and the rest is history.

Besides a good story of good-ol’ American tinkering is that this transformational innovation came from, “the accidental discovery of the answer to one problem while looking for another.” Careful study, analysis, and focus groups can only get you so far – to truly innovate, you need to give a chance for opportunities that come stumbling your way sometimes by chance and be open-minded enough to trust your instincts and grab it.

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Let’s tag this one as “Current Affairs” as my 39th birthday is something that only happens once, (today) and will no longer be relevant tomorrow. Thirty-nine seems such a ho-hum number, like watching the white number reel tick over on an odemeter before the next significant digit rolls in, a little excitement and anticipation because it’s almost 40 but, it’s not.

Since having kids, my birthdays have no longer really been important as I choose to celebrate each year’s passing with each of my children’s birthdays. It’s much more fun to celebrate someone turning six or making it to first grade which is so much more significant than adding another year onto 38 which seems so totally mundane in comparison.

After finishing up some chores around the house I’ll head into the city to visit with Mie and Dav so we can see the Scraphouse and then they’re going to take me out to dinner and a concert which I haven’t done in a while. Hopefully this change in routine will snap me out of the rut I’ve been in. I think it all has to do with not having Izumi and the kids around to crack me out of my one track mind which has been so totally focused on work. I do love my job and all but without family to distract, I tend to zone in on what needs to be done (which I should know is a bottomless pit).

It should get better. It’s the weekend, the weather’s glorious, I ate breakfast out on the back patio with the birds chirping in the garden (I need to mow that lawn) and I’m no longer on the losing end of a poker game (I think I only won two hands last night, pitiful!).

Spring Skiing


I’m catching up on my backlog of photos here but a two weekends back we headed up to Tahoe to catch the last of the snow with our neighbors who have an enormous cabin up near Donner Lake. Poor Julia couldn’t ski because the rental place didn’t have boots small enough for her but she seemed to take it in stride. Tyler and I did a few turns with him between my legs and he seemed to get the hang of it.

It’s so nice to have the mountains so close by – only about three hours if you time the traffic right and you’re right up in some pretty fantastic scenery.