The Family Gathering


While everyone was down in Austin for the annual gathering of the tribes, I sorted through an old box of photos trying to streamline my memories. I don’t have many prints anymore so most of what I found was from the last century (love saying that!). It was nice to actually hold the prints in your hand and put the best ones into a nicely bound album which is now in our living room.  A book full of memories on the living room coffee table? There’s a line that’s been crossed somewhere, somehow that sounds significant.

As I transformed a box full of random photos into piles that were roughly arranged by major life-events (pre-marriage, pre-first kid, pre-second kid), I noticed that at regular intervals there was a photo taken at my grandparent’s house in Yokohama where the family would gather for an annual feast. It’s cool to see how people have changed over time (check out my eraser-head hair doo in 1990!) and I love how we’re always hoisting the beers for the camera like we’re at a table in Munich.

Grandpa is always at the end of the table and would preside over everyone – always making sure my glass was full and telling stories of the old days. He worked hard through his life, the post-war Japanese econmy was built by his generation. He’s gone now, died almost three years ago to the day. My grandmother now lives in a nursing home so we don’t get together as a large group anymore.

Need to fix that next time I’m back home.





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  1. Mie Avatar

    Indeed. Dav is not "attending" SXSW, but he's there to hang out with all our friends. It's the most efficient way to see friends who are normally scattered about. I have a few or our family gathering photos too…I'll have to dig those out and post as well. First picture…whoa. That hair, dude. Wow!

  2. iankennedy Avatar

    Ha Ha – yes, I had to look again and see if it just wasn't a weird shadow. Makes me look several inches taller. Powder that thing white and I would have fit right into 18th century France.

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