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  • More CNN on Helsinki

    Following on the popular Helsinki Snow How piece, CNN’s Richard Quest went on to make three more short pieces about the city I currently call home. Helsinki’s Underground Master Plan includes a bit about an innovative new server farm I highlighted in Heating by Bytes that uses the excess heat from the computers to heat […]

  • Conan O’Brien updates Nokia Ringtone

    Conan available online all week in Finland thanks to Team CoCo. Tonight’s segment? A rockin’ update to the Nokia ringtone!

  • Helsinki “Snow-How”

    7-minute video on CNN about how Helsinki handles it’s annual snow removal operations. The last time Helsinki’s Vantaa airport closed because of snow was in 2003 and that was for just 30 minutes.

  • 200-year old Champagne Preserved by Icy Baltic

    Earlier this year it was reported that several cases of champagne were discovered in a shipwreck 55 meters under the Baltic Sea, off the small island of Åland near Finland. After tasting it, a local champagne expert suspected that the bottles were from Veuve Cliquot, the famous French maker established in 1772. Out of a […]

  • Getting Down Finnish Style

    Hope you all had a chance to tune into Radio Helsinki at 4:30 pm and boogie down. For some virtual fun, click play on all three links below at the same time. It’s all part of Happy Helsinki and the Helsinki Festival.

  • Finnish Town Rivalries

    Despite their quiet nature, the Finns have a fierce sense of loyalty to their hometown. You would think that a country of 5 million that is a linguistic island unto itself would pull together and present a unified front to the rest of the world but this Wikipedia article shows you that there is quite […]

  • Onkalo, long term planning

    Onkalo, long term planning

    How would you like to be the Project Manager on a construction project that is due to run through 2100? That’s what they’re doing 300 kms Northwest of Helsinki at Onkalo, a long term storage facility for highly radioactive nuclear waste. It’s a timely topic of discussion. While the uncontrollable spewage from the bottom of […]

  • Finland Suggest

    In homage to Laura Lippay’s Google Suggest experiment, I decided to do a few of my own. No, I didn’t know what the Finnish Men’s Shouting Choir was either.  They some audio clips on their homepage if you want to have a listen. Any Search Suggestions of your own?

  • Heating by Bytes

    File this one under Green. Sometime in the near future, district heating in Helsinki will be supplemented by heat thrown off by local data centers. This will enable them to cut back on greenhouse gases produced by more traditional methods to heat the water that is pumping through radiators across town. In a first of its kind […]

  • USPO should copy Finnish NetPosti

    A recent editorial in the New York Times spoke of how internet commerce is eating into the US Postal Services’ bottom line. The Postal Service made a profit until 2006. Since then, declining mail volumes — as more Americans use e-mail and pay their bills online — and the demands of its retiree health benefit […]