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  • Silicon Valley visits Helsinki

    If you’re interested in the Social Web and are in Southern Finland at the end of September here are two events that are very much worth catching. Chris Messina and Jyri Engeström will be in Helsinki first for an all day crash course on the social web which will run from the basics in the […]

  • Finnish Wife Carrying

    Finnish Wife Carrying

    So in the middle of all the excitement of getting settled we missed the World Wife Carrying Championship which took place (as it has for the past 14 years) in Sonkajärvi, Finland – about 500km north of Helsinki. Eager to see what it would take to participate next year, I came across the official site […]

  • Finland, they do it different here

    Finland, they do it different here

    I have a feeling this is going to be a regular feature. There are many things that are different here in Finland. Here are just a few that I’ve learned about in the past few weeks. Speeding tickets are progressive, you pay more if you earn more. I was warned about someone who had a […]

  • Rental Cars as Advertising

    When we moved to Finland, we decided to leave our two car, suburban lifestyle behind and live life in the center of Helsinki. We walk everywhere and take trolleys, buses, and trains when it’s too far to walk. It’s really not a big deal. Helsinki has an excellent public transportation system and the infrastructure is […]

  • Swimming in Finland

    The weather in Helsinki has been fantastic the past week. T-shirts and Keen sandles type warm. We’re even sleeping with our windows open in the evenings. Today we swam in the ocean!

  • No Smiling!

    The Finnish Immigration pages has a series of guidelines for their passport and visa photos. I found this one regarding Expressions amusing.

  • Thoughts on Helsinki

    As with most business trips, my first visit to Helsinki this week was abbreviated and knowingly distorted view of the city. Here are a collection of my impressions. It’s not as cold as I thought. I wouldn’t want to work outside fixing roads or anything but for a quick stroll, a sweater and jacket was […]