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  • Guns in Japan

    Guns in Japan

    My father (who started his own blog) shares what you need to do to get a gun in Japan. To get a gun in Japan, first, you have to attend an all-day class and pass a written test, which are held only once per month. You also must take and pass a shooting range class. […]

  • Better Driving thru Optical Camouflage

    Better Driving thru Optical Camouflage

    This is pretty smart idea. Using principals of Optical Camouflage, researchers at Keio University project the image from a camera on the back of a car onto a recursive reflector which looks like one of those glass screens politicians use for their teleprompters. The mirror sits at an angle to project an image right where […]

  • Long Now Bottle Keep

    Long Now Bottle Keep

    As I grow older, I have come to appreciate the power of stories. I collect them as I go through life, sometimes seeking out experiences because a good story may come out of it.  I was invited this past week to join the staff of The Long Now Foundation to share a story that I […]

  • Japanese Maps a Unique Challenge

    Japanese Maps a Unique Challenge

    The New York Times has a piece pointing out that the new iOS 6 cartography woes that Apple is experiencing are amplified in Japan which presents it’s own unique mapping challenges. Mainly because they are trying to jam a global mapping paradigm into Japan which has its own challenges. … cities like Tokyo are changing […]

  • Serving the Customer

    Serving the Customer

    In Japan, attending to the needs of the customer is not only a pre-requisite, it is a minimum requirement to participate in the domestic economy. The Japanese consumer is a particularly fickle shopper. The mere whiff of attitude will drive away shoppers and with it, the business. Back when I lived in Tokyo when VCRs […]

  • When Mom Left for America

    When Mom Left for America

    While in Japan I ran across a bunch of scanned photos that I think my sister did last time she was there. I grabbed them and within the collection, I found one of my favorite old photos of my mom. My father loves Japan. He moved there in the early Sixties when not too many […]

  • Cancer Sucks

    Cancer Sucks

    I’m in Japan this week to visit my father. He has colon cancer and just checked in for surgery. This is not a total shock. He is getting old after all and I’ve come to accept a time when something like this would happen. He’s taking it well. He has openly embraced his body slowly […]

  • Tsunami Debris Includes Ghost Tuna Boat

    Tsunami Debris Includes Ghost Tuna Boat

    Massive amounts of debris from last year’s March 11th earthquake in Japan is making its way to the West coast of North America. While most of the objects are not expected to wash ashore until October, some of the larger objects, including entire ships are arriving months earlier. The Vancouver Sun reports: After being flushed […]

  • More Sellouts from the Archives

    Part of the joys of packing (I’m due to move back to California from Helsinki at the end of May) is you go through stuff and figure out what you can pitch. Last night I ran across a trove of old clippings that I never got around to scanning in and adding to my old […]

  • Amazing Video of Narrow Escape from Tsunami

    On February 11th, 30 minutes after the Tohoku Earthquake, the town of Kamaishi was wiped out by the tsunami. Over 600 people are still missing from this tiny fishing village in Northern Japan. The footage below shows amazing footage of Machiko Kikuchi who narrowly escaped from the approaching tsunami and her determination to rebuild in […]

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