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  • What Not to Say. . .

    . . . when you are trying to instill global confidence in your leadership abilities. In response to questions from the international press about S&P issuing it’s first downgrade on Japanese credit worthiness in nine years, Prime Minister Naoto Kan had little reassurance to offer. “I just heard that news,” a flustered-looking Mr. Kan told […]

  • Celebrity Sellouts in Japan

    Here’s a bit of Friday fun for you. Way back when the internet was limited to newsgroups and those with access to a university network, I put up a bunch of scans I made of celebrities shilling for Japanese products. The other day, while clearing a bunch of old files off my wife’s Macbook, I […]

  • Japan Shatters Tweets Per Second Record

    Japan Shatters Tweets Per Second Record

    I spent the year end holidays in Tokyo with family and friends. As with every visit I was blown away by the pace and energy of the city and came away re-charged with optimism. I am especially happy when I hear about new companies such as Twitter coming to Japan and finding a fit. Not […]

  • Dekotora

    Which came first? Transformers or Dekotora? – via Pink Tentacle

  • What to do in Tokyo?

    What to do in Tokyo?

    A friend visiting Tokyo asked for recommendations. I often get this kind of question (I lived there for 10 years and am half-Japanese)  so for future reference, to point people in the future (and a place to park any follow up suggestions in the comments) I’ll put my recommendations here in this post. Here’s the […]

  • Manga Farming

    From the sustainable Otaku department. Tokyo artist Koshi Kawachi demonstrated how to use old manga to start your own urban farm. [via Pink Tentacle]

  • docomo’s designer collection

    My wife just got back from Japan and picked up the latest brochure from NTT Docomo. As a member of the very desirable young female demographic, she’s always been pestering me that Nokia should focus less on whiz-bang geek features and more on the phone as a fashion statement. I would agree and, in that vein […]

  • Stamp Rally for Grown-Ups

    Stamp Rally for Grown-Ups

    On our last trip to Japan, we decided to take our dog, Mimi, along to meet the rest of the family. We moved to Finland from the United States so we knew that travelling with pets involves a lot of paperwork. Avoiding a lengthy quarantine for Mimi coming to Finland required the signature and stamp […]

  • Physical and Virtual Spaces

    I just returned from a year-end holiday in Tokyo. As always, the city never ceases to amaze me. The people in the photo above are all standing outside Yodobashi Camera, an electronics store in Akihabara. The store offers free wifi for anyone with a Nintendo DS and on that network they can get access to […]

  • Japan’s Super Phones

    I had a chance to visit the KDDI Design Center in Harajuku right at the base of Takeshita-dori (well worth a visit if you get a chance) as well as a few electronics stores to see what’s on offer from the major operators. Here’s some of the highlights of what I saw. The obligatory 8.1 […]

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