From tweet aggregator site,

As people begin to pick up the pieces following the terrible earthquake and tsunami in Japan we’re hearing stories of how people are helping each other. Stories that warm the heart and give you hope that Japan will actually grow stronger from this disaster.

CNN has a story about the calm social order that has remained despite the surrounding chaos.

The communitarian spirit at the foundation of Japanese culture seems to function even more efficiently under the stress of disaster.

And this from the Los Angeles Times,

She was elderly and alone, injured and in pain. When the massive earthquake struck, a heavy bookshelf toppled onto Hiroko Yamashita, pinning her down and shattering her ankle.

When paramedics finally reached her, agonizing hours later, Yamashita did what she said any “normal” person would do, her son-in-law recounted later: She apologized to them for the inconvenience, and asked if there weren’t others they should be attending to first.

This is a time of incredible stress but also a time for Japanese society to re-evaluate who they are and what makes them special. I have great hope and optimism for the people of Japan.