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  • Tsunami Debris Includes Ghost Tuna Boat

    Tsunami Debris Includes Ghost Tuna Boat

    Massive amounts of debris from last year’s March 11th earthquake in Japan is making its way to the West coast of North America. While most of the objects are not expected to wash ashore until October, some of the larger objects, including entire ships are arriving months earlier. The Vancouver Sun reports: After being flushed […]

  • Amazing Video of Narrow Escape from Tsunami

    On February 11th, 30 minutes after the Tohoku Earthquake, the town of Kamaishi was wiped out by the tsunami. Over 600 people are still missing from this tiny fishing village in Northern Japan. The footage below shows amazing footage of Machiko Kikuchi who narrowly escaped from the approaching tsunami and her determination to rebuild in […]

  • The world is not going to change. Each one of us will change.

    It has been two weeks since the disaster in Japan. We can choose to look at this as a setback or an opportunity. Mother Nature has taught us all a valuable lesson. A lesson we seemed doomed to learn again and again. We are not masters of our domain, we are but passengers on this […]

  • Update from Tokyo

    Following up on last week’s letter, here’s an update from my father who lives in Tokyo. –The New York Times says just short of half a million people are now in “shelters,” which in most cases means living on a blanket spread out on the floor of a high-school gymnasium. Most of these rural people […]

  • Letter from Tokyo

    My father just sent an email yesterday to my sister and I describing the situation in Tokyo. Knowing how everything runs like clockwork in that city, it’s even more striking how the country adapts when they have to improvise. Four days after the quake we are still feeling aftershocks. We’ve received over sixy aftershocks so […]

  • Order out of Chaos

    From tweet aggregator site, prayforjapan.jp As people begin to pick up the pieces following the terrible earthquake and tsunami in Japan we’re hearing stories of how people are helping each other. Stories that warm the heart and give you hope that Japan will actually grow stronger from this disaster. CNN has a story about the […]

  • Japan, how to help

    Red Cross Disaster Relief page. Alternatively, you can text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 from your phone. International Medical Corps has a page and you can also text MED to 80888 from any mobile phone to give $10. Amazon has set up a page where you can easily donate via your Amazon.com account. Doctors […]

  • Japan Earthquake – Useful Links

    Japan Earthquake – Useful Links

    At 2:46 pm today, an 8.9 earthquake hit off the coast of Japan in the afternoon local time. It was the largest earthquake in Japan in 300 years and the 6th largest recorded earthquake in history. A quick call to my parents and inlaws and thankfully everyone is OK. I’ve collected a few links where […]

  • Haiti Decends into Terror and Chaos

    The terror and chaos that is Haiti following the devastating earthquake is hard to imagine. 50,000 dead, millions are homeless.  It’s now 10 days later and the threat of disease is descending upon the survivors who are literally fighting for their lives. The shocking photo above comes from a series of dramatic photos posted by Anderson Cooper who is […]

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