At 2:46 pm today, an 8.9 earthquake hit off the coast of Japan in the afternoon local time. It was the largest earthquake in Japan in 300 years and the 6th largest recorded earthquake in history. A quick call to my parents and inlaws and thankfully everyone is OK.

I’ve collected a few links where you can get more information and will update as I learn more.


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  • New York Times The Lede is live-blogging the latest developments.
  • Wikipedia has a developing reference page.
  • TWIMPACT is a realtime twitter analysis site translating Japanese tweets into multiple languages.


  • Google Crisis Response page – links to telecom bulletin boards, transportation info, and utility info.
  • Google Map showing location of emergency shelters.
  • Google Person Finder – if you’re looking for someone or want to let someone know you’re ok.
  • TimeOut Japan resource page has sections listing public shelters and emergency messaging services.
  • Bic Camera and Apple Stores are offering a free re-charge on your cell phone.
  • If you need water, Suntory vending machines have emergency levers beneath a sticker on the upper-right corners. Pull the sticker off, pull the lever firmly and you’ll get free drinks.
  • Free Wifi from Softbank, Livedoor, and FON
  • OLIVE, Survive Japan wiki – survival tips and making do with what you have

How you can help

I am collecting a list over on another post.