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  • DoCoMo Branding

    DoCoMo’s new branding campaign is underway and it’s a full court press on people here in Tokyo on segmenting the market into four major archetypes. Take a guess – which box goes with the individual featured in the photo above. Stumped? Bath yourself in the full flash experience of a very slick marketing site.

  • Uniqlock – Uniqlo’s Viral Advertisement

    The Japanese clothing store Uniqlo has burst onto the scene with a viral widget that features a clock interspersed with a robotic model featuring their new polo shirt. Click through to the site and explore the video in more detail as well as a cool, interactive map which features other blogs running the widget. The […]

  • We want Spring

    With all the rain we’ve been getting, our thoughts really pine for a good Hanami. That’s not me above but it’s exactly how I feel. More on getting prepared for Hanami over at PingMag, a great new site covering the art scene in Tokyo that Mark Dytham mentioned to me when he was recently visiting.

  • Lizards & pork chop hats = entertainment

    Now wonder the rest of the world thinks Japan is crazy. Here’s a video of an old game show featuring lizards and girls with pork chop hats. (pointer and further commentary on BoingBoing)

  • Japan


    Before they drift into the murky past, let me share some thoughts from the trip to Japan. I traveled there at the end of last month to meet Izumi and the kids who had been there for the past two months so Tyler & Julia could go to school in Japan. The Japanese school year […]

  • Photos from Japan

    Ok, I’m getting there. I’ve uploaded some photos from the Japan trip to give you a sense of what we did while we were there. A guy I work with, Matt Peterson also took some pictures while he was in Japan and they are fantastic.

  • Tyler keeps ’em busy

    Today I received word of Tyler’s doings in Japan. My parents took the kids for the afternoon and reported back that he’s keeping everyone on their toes. Here’s the email I received from my father. Dear Igor (my father’s endearing handle for me) First we went fishing in a shallow pond. Bamboo poles, dried octopus […]

  • Thanks Tail

    A polite society based on mutual respect and courtesy requires new tools for the road. You flash your brights when you sugget someone go ahead or if warning on-coming traffic of a speed trap but what to do to when you want to indicate thanks to those that let you into traffic? Thanks Tail is […]

  • Girl’s Day

    Girl’s Day

    As we drove through Chinatown this past weekend, we saw preparations for the Chinese New Year’s celebrations. Many were carrying sprigs of cut plum blossoms which are just starting to bloom so we bought some to go with the Girl’s Day display which we set up each year around this time and keep up until […]

  • FCC and Doraemon

    This is old news but Terrie Lloyd, who’s always good a picking up tidbits for his excellent email newsletter “Terrie’s Take” highlights the striking resemblence of the new FCC mascot, “Broadband” to Doraemon, the cartoon every Japanese kid knows by sight. Turns out the publisher of Doaemon, Shougakkan, is going to take legal action but […]

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