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My wife just got back from Japan and picked up the latest brochure from NTT Docomo. As a member of the very desirable young female demographic, she’s always been pestering me that Nokia should focus less on whiz-bang geek features and more on the phone as a fashion statement.

I would agree and, in that vein I present to you this year’s Summer collection from docomo, part of their “style” series.

Up first is the Emilio Pucci phones featuring the trademark geometric shapes of that famous Italian designer. These phones are made by Sharp. Check out the video where the announcer is impressed with the front-facing camera that can be used as a mirror!

FrancFranc is a Japan-based interior designer. Their phones are made by NEC. The main features of this phone are a keypad with a unique LED lightshow when you flip it open and custom designer wallpapers that come pre-installed which you can see on the video.

NY handbag designer kate spade makes an appearance with the signature two-tone finish on the outside. This phone is made by Panasonic and features an “eco-mode” that turns down the display lighting and increase battery life. A squeeze on the sides of the hinge opens the phone and a unique pink LED “illumination” on the front cover activates when you fold the phone shut. The bubbly Tokai Walker reporter is once more on the case.

OK. It kills me that this isn’t a Nokia but I guess Sharp is going to see what they can do to interpret the marimekko brand  as a keitai. The phone features the signature Unikko pattern with matching wallpaper inside and colorful treatment on the buttons inside. Sharp has also taken the time to outfit the animated sheep that walk across the screen into marimekko patterns. Our video announcer pronounces this phone, kawaii.

British interior designer Conran burst onto the Tokyo designer scene a couple of decades ago with a splashy book launch and showcase store in Shinjuku’s hip Park Tower complex. The brand holds sway and LG has worked with Studio Conran to produce this phone. This phone goes out on a limb by not going with the flip-phone form factor deciding instead to look at the ergonomics of the phone. It’s gentle curve is so that it can easily fit in your back pocket and hug your face. Coming in Brown, Black, and Dark Red, I’m thinking this phone is targeted for the older, thick rimmed glasses type that tends to prop the phone on their shoulder while sketching notes.  The Tokai Walker crew spends most of the video analyzing the design before they even turn it on.

For the full marketing experience, check out NTT’s mini-site including the wonderfully weird Darth Vadar Who is My Boss clip.





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  1. Ms. Jen Avatar


    Ok, can we have a Kate Spade and||or Marimekko do a design with the N97 mini form factor PLUS the geekiness of the N8's camera & xenon flash plus Meego as the OS????

    Please…….. in purple, pink, and SPARKLES. See what you have unleashed. ((O.o))

    The 7610 in 2004/2005 had a mirror as apart of the design on the back and friends would ask me for my camera phone so they could check their makeup.

    Back in December I made a semi-futile attempt to convince some of the marketing crew to give me some N900's for a bedazzling party/event in SoCal. ;o)

  2. Ms. Jen Avatar

    p.s. My friend DJ Wanda has a Nokia clamshell from AT&T that she has bedazzled and added a sparkly vinyl overlay over the battery cover of the Virgin of Guadalupe. Everyone, female, loves her phone.

  3. iankennedy Avatar

    I should show you my daughter's Nintendo DS. Also, check out these phones which I came across in Shibuya – the shop specializes in cellphone “decola”

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  5. kilt Avatar

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  6. Office Furniture Avatar

    Those collection are really nice but good for chicks.

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