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  • John Perry Barlow (1947 ~ 2018)

    I’m struggling to process the passing of JPB this week. For many that got connected via dial-up in the 80’s he was the soul of the .net. He set the tone. His spirit prevailed as the founding principle of many online communities – his tone of “live & let live and be helpful and nice […]

  • Bite PR Blogging Seminar – Doc Searls

    I’m attending the Bite blogging seminar at the W in San Francisco. Swish venue with not only lemons and lime in the drinking water but strawberries. Great line up of speakers, about 50 – 60 people seated. They’ve got wireless so I’ll pass on some of the highlights. Doc Searls – talks about his writing […]

  • just a little light

    I’ve been trying to come to grips with the news coming in about the Indian Ocean Tsunami. It seems so surreal. The pictures I’ve seen show that it was a beautiful day when this thing came lumbering ashore and just rolled over anything in its way. In the same way, here we are in the […]

  • Dancin’ In the Streets

    Songwriter for The Grateful Dead and, more recently, The String Cheese Incident, cattle rancher and co-founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, is organizing spontaneous outbreaks of senseless dancing in and around the Republican National Convention. It’s become a movement We just had another brilliant expedition into elephant country. We encountered many of our quarry, converted […]

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