Dancin’ in the Streets

Songwriter for The Grateful Dead and, more recently, The String Cheese Incident, cattle rancher and co-founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, is organizing spontaneous outbreaks of senseless dancing in and around the Republican National Convention. It’s become a movement

We just had another brilliant expedition into elephant country. We encountered many of our quarry, converted a few, and made the rest so nervous you would have thought their thin smiles might shatter their faces. One of them said that he knew we were mocking George Bush. “How are we doing that?” we asked. “By dancing,” he snarled.

And that, my pesky friends, is paydirt!

John Barlow





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  1. mie Avatar

    Hey, Dav and I know John Perry Barlow. Dav actually knows him, I’ve only met him. Really nice guy! Dav almost went to protest at the RNC, but with Burning Man, it was just too much to finagle. We do struggle with the issue that Burning Man engages 35,000 intelligent, active people away from political involvement for an entire week. What better way to preoccupy otherwise concerned citizens? I’m glad the dancing made a dent.

    On the other hand, Burning Man inspires so much in me and many others to be the best we can. It’s a time when we all get energized for the rest of the year. Without Burning Man, I’d perhaps feel out of place whereas now, I know what the ideal is and what steps to take for that goal. That’s pretty powerful too.

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