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  • Halloween

    Yep, Halloween’s just around the corner and the kids are already comparing their costumes. One of the kids on the block planted the idea that the best costume is one which can hold the most candy. Previously popular categories such as Superheroes & Villains went out the window. For some reason no one liked my […]

  • Fashion

    Tyler’s beginning to get a sense of fashion. The other day he wanted to dress himself and came down the stairs with a pair of baggy pants that were too long for his legs. I offered to tuck them up for him but he insisted that I leave it alone.

  • Jamie and Heather get married

    Jamie and Heather get married

    One of my high school friends was getting married on a farm in Vermont. It was a mini-reunion of sorts. The weather was spectacular, blue skies, great friends new & old, good grub and drink, and a funky local band set the stage for a perfect afternoon. The kids had a blast.

  • Hot Tub

    Upon arrival we quickly took advantage of the Takei’s hot tub which overlooks the tropical breezes of the Pacific Ocean. . .

  • Jet Set

    So we’re finally back to normal after a whirlwind of travel that took us to Hawaii and Vermont over the course of a week and a half. Here are the kids getting ready for their week in the sun.

  • Tyler’s First Joke

    Tyler told his first joke: Q: Why did the cow cross the road? A: To go to the mooovies!

  • Sketches

    The spiral eyes is part of his unique style.

  • Julia

    Thank you for the kind card Richard & Diedre!

  • Hawaii

    Just got back from a week’s holiday in Hawaii where we met up with Izumi’s parents. Absolutely wonderful break from the craziness of work. Swam every day with the kids and flew (and lost) a kite with Tyler. Tiki torches at twilight, tropical fish and dolphins at the hotel lagoon.

  • Easter

    Easter at the Murtlands. Young Harriet and Julia look on like two Victorian matrons while Tyler compares his harvest. Easter Photos

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