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  • Thug

  • Smile


    Smile for the camera!

  • Happy Kid

    Today we had a chat with Tyler’s teacher and she reports that he is a good listener with improving motor skills (he’s doing better at coloring between the lines) and is “exuberant, one of the happiest kids in the class.” He is ready for Kindergarten next year.

  • Solar System

    I taught Tyler a little bit about the solar system and I could tell he was taking it in and trying to apply it to the world around him. A few days later, when I told him that I’m going on a long plane ride for a business trip (I’m in San Francisco for a […]

  • Birthday

  • Snow Day

    It snowed today. We went sledding.

  • Bunk Bed

    We built up a bunk bed for Tyler and Julia this weekend and have moved them into their own room. They’re ready for it and couldn’t wait to hit the sack tonight. Tyler’s up top and Julia is tucked in below.

  • Snow

    Tyler’s all clued into this Christmas thing. We passed a Santa on the street the other day, the local real estate agent all decked out with a sleigh and posing for pictures with kids. I asked Tyler if he wanted to have a chat with Santa and he said, “Nah, that’s not the real Santa. […]

  • Important Lesson

    Tyler learned an important lesson today. He came up to me over the weekend all excited because he had a new lego car that he wanted to show me. It didn’t look familiar and I asked him where he got the car. When he said he got it from school and I asked him if […]

  • Tyler writes his name

    Tyler informed us today that he was ready to write his name and he proudly produced this sample for the website.

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