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  • Julia blowing bubbles

    Now that we’re out of a kitchen, we mooch dinner whenever we can. This weekend we decended upon Mie & Dav’s place. Mie gave the kids a bubble set and Dav took this really great photo.

  • Star Horse

    Tyler’s getting into the Star War movie series. Julia, who’s had enough of Luke Sykywalker and the gang and tells Tyler she’s sick & tired of his "star horse" movies. Izumi and I almost lost our morning coffee.

  • Tyler hacks the pebble system

    Tyler’s onto us. Izumi set up a little system with the kids to reward them for good behavior. The way it worked is that we had a jar of glass beads. Whenever they did something that we wanted to encourage, like make their bed without our asking them, clean up their room, or otherwise help […]

  • Hana-kuso

    Sometimes are kids come blurt out the strangest things. Just tonight, out of the blue, Julia let us know that, "When I’m picking my nose. . .  I’m looking for diamonds." Izumi and I looked each other just to make sure we heard the same thing then, busted out laughing.

  • Our Italian Daughter

    Our Italian Daughter

    I think she’s been watching that character Kramer on Seinfeld too much.

  • Deleted

    Tyler told me yesterday that he learned a few new songs at school but couldn’t remember some of them because his brain "deleted" them. I’m not sure if I should be more worried that he used a technical word out of it’s normal context or that he referred to his brain as something beyond his […]

  • End of the Season

    End of the Season

    Today was Tyler’s last day of soccer. This was his third season and he’s come a long way. They still don’t keep score so I’m not sure of their record but I’m pretty sure the Alameda Lions were more interested in the snacks at the end of each game than the actual play. There’s still […]

  • 500 pieces of candy in 90 minutes

    500 pieces of candy in 90 minutes

    All the kids in Alameda have the day off from school on Halloween which just makes the waiting worse. Tyler woke up early, moaning that evening was hours away. It was 5:30am – I told him sleep makes time go by faster and convinced him to get back in his bed. I got back from […]

  • Burning Man Puppet Show

    So Tyler & Julia are getting excited about Halloween – costumes are a big part of it. My sister also sent along some information about the Burning Man decompression party this weekend and while Izumi and I need to root around to find something interesting to wear, the kids already have their get up picked […]

  • The Walk to School

    Over on the work blog I’ve posted about switching jobs to work at Yahoo. I’ll be starting next week so I’m spending this week clearing the decks and getting ready. Tyler’s bummed because I will not be able to walk him to school anymore and it’s been the time of day when we get to […]

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