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  • Sack Artist

    Julia has taken to wearing an eyeshade when she goes to sleep at night. We have a couple of them from trips taken on Virgin Air. This one says “cat nap”

  • First Day of School

    First Day of School

    Surely, Labor Day is mislabelled

  • Owl Hairball

    Tyler brought home a small tupperware case full of damp mouse hair and small little bones "skulls too!" Izumi almost gagged but Tyler can’t wait to show his friends. It’s definitely the coolest thing he’s gotten from Science Camp which wraps up this week.

  • Tyler keeps ’em busy

    Today I received word of Tyler’s doings in Japan. My parents took the kids for the afternoon and reported back that he’s keeping everyone on their toes. Here’s the email I received from my father. Dear Igor (my father’s endearing handle for me) First we went fishing in a shallow pond. Bamboo poles, dried octopus […]

  • Spring Skiing

    I’m catching up on my backlog of photos here but a two weekends back we headed up to Tahoe to catch the last of the snow with our neighbors who have an enormous cabin up near Donner Lake. Poor Julia couldn’t ski because the rental place didn’t have boots small enough for her but she […]

  • O-Hashi

    It’s been said that a girls fine motor skills advance more quickly than boys and much to Tyler’s frustration, he’s seeing that play out each evening at the dinner table. Julia has mastered the chopsticks to the point where she can pick up individual peas while her older brother is left to shoveling them into […]

  • Tyler Reading

    Tyler is now reading to us. It’s like magic – a couple of weeks ago he was sounding out simple words like “do” and “sat” and now he’s stringing whole sentences together. He’s really excited to be able to read something to us. Just before bed he reads me a few pages, not too much […]

  • Artwork

    There is a difference in each of our kids’ artwork. Julia, the younger one, draws with determination to express an emotion. The drawing on the left is Julia’s and although she says that it’s a dragon, it bears a striking resemblence to her mother. Tyler is older and is much more detailed in his drawings. […]

  • Julia’s Special Day

    I took the morning off on Wednesday to take Julia to school for her “special day.” On this day, a parent stays with their child for the whole session and the child gets to sit up in front of the class next to the teacher and her parent and lead the activities for the day. […]

  • 100% Love

    100% Love

    Here’s a shot of Tyler that will come in handy should he ever want to run for political office. Think of all the wonderful digital photos of everyone that are out floating around out there. Being a gossip columnist in 2020 is going to be great fun. A few image searches and follow-up emails and […]

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