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  • Patently Ridiculous

    I had a listen to the second part to This American Life’s excellent two part series on patent trolls (the first part is here) and how the use of weaponized software patents is squashing innovation. The podcast outlined the plight of entrepreneurs too afraid to start business for fears of being sued out of existence […]

  • People Discovery Apps, a Cautionary Tale

    This was the weekend everyone signed up and joined Highlight or Glancee. TechCrunch has written about it and Robert Scoble has been going on about how viral these location-based services are. No doubt about it, these new apps which run in the background on your phone and let you know when someone you know (or […]

  • MyBlogLog → OneTrueFan

    MyBlogLog → OneTrueFan

    Remember those subscriber cards you found tucked into magazines that asked questions about your income, education, sports you liked, where you traveled or what newspapers you read? The editors and advertisers of that magazine were trying to find out more about their readers. Except for the folks that took the time to write in, an […]

  • MyBlogLog Memorial Screenshot Gallery

    A couple of weeks ago I grabbed a bunch of screenshots off of MyBlogLog.com. MBL is one of the services on the infamous “sunset” slide and today there is a notice on the site saying that Yahoo will pull the plug on the service on May 24th. I worked on the service before coming to […]

  • Are you a Hacker or a Hustler?

    Micah Baldwin has a great post on what it takes to make a successful startup. One of the first questions you need to ask is if you have both a Hacker and a Hustler. A Hacker is more than a code monkey, who can quickly build software and find interesting ways to hack together code. […]

  • How to Export Your Data from MyBlogLog

    It was a sad day when I read the ReadWriteWeb post about the rumored shutdown of MyBlogLog. Yahoo has since come out with a vague response that pulling the plug is only one of several “options” but I thought it good to post a few things you can do now just in case they do […]

  • MyBlogLog does Social Analytics

    The MyBlogLog team are back at it again with the release of Topics. This was the last thing I worked on when I was finishing up and it’s great to see a vision realized. As their blog post says, there are almost 650,000 MBL members interacting with the social web and as each person clicks, […]

  • Wagging your Long Tail with Just for You

    What if you could ask each reader that came to your blog what they were interested in and show them a list of posts from your archives that matched those interests? I’ve been blogging for over five years and as posts roll off the front page they fade into the archives to be mostly forgotten,. […]

  • Gnip is Ping spelled backward

    Congratulations to Eric, Jud, and the crew on the launch of their new service, Gnip. MyBlogLog has been using Gnip for a few weeks now and we’re pleased with what we see. Submit and item to Digg and it’ll move your update to the top of our polling queue and you’ll see your updates on […]

  • MyBlogLog & Microformats

    Sometimes it’s the simple things. Last week we switched on another piece of the microformats suite and all MyBlogLog profiles now support vCard and hCard formats. For more details, see the MyBlogLog blog. For more on Microformats in general and why they’re cool, see Denise Olson’s excellent primer, An Introduction to Microformats.