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  • Headline Spectrum

    So interesting when you lay the headlines along a spectrum. You can pick up quick a bit from just a headline. Trump caves, says he will release whistleblower complaint, IG report Schumer will press resolution to force administration to release whistleblower complaint to Congress Trump caves to Congress — will release full whistleblower complaint and […]

  • Crazy Town

    If I had to choose one photo to sum up how crazy things were this past week, this would be it. Here’s a run down of SmartNews’ breaking push alerts from last week after a relatively quiet Labor Day weekend: Blood-Testing Firm Theranos to Formally Dissolve Plane Quarantined at JFK After 100 Report Feeling Ill Senior […]

  • Two Headlines

    She Loves Me? “I would love to do that — I’d like to do it as soon as possible,” the president told reporters on Wednesday of the prospect of being interviewed by Mr. Mueller She Loves Me Not. Cobb told The New York Times that Trump was speaking hurriedly, and only meant that he is […]

  • Cracking the Code of Local News

    Cracking the Code of Local News

    In his opening remarks, Rich Jaroslovsky, VP for Content and Chief Journalist at SmartNews, said that Local News is something that everyone has tried but, “nobody has fully cracked the code.” Backfence, Topix, Patch, and countless other valiant efforts have taken a run at it but failed to sustain. “Local News is still a huge […]

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