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  • Ultimate Cellphone Backup

    Ultimate Cellphone Backup

    I know nothing about the rumors swirling around Nokia launching an MVNO in Tokyo for their high-end Vertu brand but a quick poke around the vertu.com gives you a sense of what (besides diamond encrusted phones) a high end cell phone service would entail. Check out the Services layer, here’s the text for the Vertu […]

  • You Kids Never Had it so Good!

    Getting up to speed here at Nokia after joining three days ago – lots of institutional knowledge tucked away across the intranet which features a bewildering array of internal blogs, wikis, and video archives. One thing I immediately notice is that the average age of people who work here in the Mountain View office is […]

  • Leaving Yahoo

    Leaving Yahoo

    Going Mobile

  • Nokia and the Future

    Nokia and the Future

    In the shadow of today’s G-Phone and Android news, there’s some great stuff being posted over at Nokia’s Conversations blog about their annual The Way we Live Next conference in Finland. I’ve been thinking a lot about the potential of mobile lately. With the addition of location contexts and mobility, the benefits of a true […]

  • Nokia delivers a podcatcher

    I see that Nokia’s shipping a piece of software that in hindsight is so obvious, it’s amazing no one thought of it earlier. As onboard storage gets larger and larger (the new Nokia’s have 4GB!), the viability for the phone to double as an iPod substitute makes more and more sense. Sony played around with […]