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  • Simple Solution – Nokia Bike Charger

    Sometimes it’s the simple things. Why not a dual purpose phone charger, phone mount for your bicycle? Stay above 7.5 mph and you’ll charge your phone at the same rate as if you plugged it into the wall and you’ll be able to enjoy free turn-by-turn navigation. Launching first in Kenya where it’s really needed […]

  • N900 PR 1.2 – Like Christmas Day

    I’ve been playing around with the most recent upgrade to the Nokia N900 and it really is like Christmas. There are so many little tweaks to the core OS that it really is like having a new phone again. Geek Christmas. After reading about Jason’s experience, Skype video calling  was the first thing I tried. Skype […]

  • Loosely Connected

    Mike Manos has joined Nokia as VP of Service Operations and has been tasked to build the cloud infrastructure for our Ovi services. The New York Times calls him a “data-center celebrity” and reading his blog certainly shows the knowledge and experience he brings to the table. His initial post gives a hint of his […]

  • Solving Rubik with a Phone

    With a Nokia N95 and a Lego Mindstorm NXT kit you too can have robots solve your Rubik’s cube. The folks at ARMflix have programmed an old N95 to take a photo and analyze the pattern on a Rubik’s cube and have it sent over to the Mindstorm rig to run through the moves required […]

  • Portable Computing, Peanut Butter or Chocolate?

    The Nokia Booklet (stands out better in the search results than “netbook”) is not the first time Nokia has entered the PC market but it’s announcement took many people by surprise. As the lines between what is a laptop and what is a smartphone blur, it’s fascinating to see how a PC companies like Apple […]

  • Find my Phone, Nokia Style

    I just got an email from the folks behind the Mobile Web Server which runs on Nokia S60 phones. They figured out how to run a web server on your phone so you can configure your mobile device to basically be a node on the internet, addressable via an IP address, hosting web pages, streaming […]

  • Yes, but can your phone do this?

    Promoting new features of the Nokia E71 with Taiwanese magician Liu Qian performing a little street art. I can’t wait for the SMS-a-pigeon feature when it comes out.

  • Nokia Phones, Survival of the Fittest

    Nokia prides itself on making a durable phone that can withstand daily wear and tear. The short video below gives you a look inside the test center where they drop, bend, and tumble the phones to see if they can stand up to whatever our customers can throw at it. But some tests can’t be […]

  • Software for the Nokia E71

    Old post recommending software for an old Nokia phone that was once best in its class.

  • Nokia’s Netbook, the N97

    I was going to write a post about all the amazing phones I saw last week while I was in Japan but this morning’s announcement of the latest Nokia device trumps that. Techmeme is smothered with coverage. I’ve been watching the convergence of the smartphone and laptop computer into a single device called a netbook. […]