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  • Huge jellyfish

    Huge jellyfish

    In other new, huge jellyfish, weighing up to 200 kilograms, are wreaking havoc to the fishing business in the waters between Japan and China. Some blame global warming.

  • Scraphouse

    In the grand tradition of the DIY spirit and in celebration of World Environment Day, a group of designers, builders, and professional “obtainers” are building a house on the lawn in front of San Francisco city hall out of things they scrounged over the past six weeks. The house opened to the public today and […]

  • Ukrainian man hasn’t slept in 20 years

    I tend to be a bit of a night owl but I can’t see how this is humanly possible. I used to read boring scientific periodicals in the hope they would send me to sleep. But as soon as I felt my eyes getting droopy and put the magazine down, I would find myself wide […]

  • Try, Try Again

    Launched in August 2001, NASA’s Genesis was a delicate unmanned spacecraft designed to collect solar wind samples for further analysis on Earth. The pod was to enter the atmosphere and deploy a chute to slow down it’s speed and while drifting to the ground was going to be intercepted by trained helicopter pilots who would […]

  • Questions

    Izumi and the kids are away in Japan for a month so Tyler could attend the last few weeks of Japanese kindergarten and hopefully pick up some of the language – a bit of an experiment. Before he left he asked me why things get smaller when they move further away into the distance. Good […]

  • Cicadas

    Thanks to Aunt Karen for the image. They’re friggin’ everywhere in the neighboring town of Princeton and I can hear the din if I have the windows down during the drive home (on second thought, maybe I should keep the windows up). No sign of them in our small hamlet yet and the joke around […]

  • Solar System

    I taught Tyler a little bit about the solar system and I could tell he was taking it in and trying to apply it to the world around him. A few days later, when I told him that I’m going on a long plane ride for a business trip (I’m in San Francisco for a […]

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