Izumi and the kids are away in Japan for a month so Tyler could attend the last few weeks of Japanese kindergarten and hopefully pick up some of the language – a bit of an experiment. Before he left he asked me why things get smaller when they move further away into the distance. Good question – I had to think about that one for a bit. My answer was that if they didn’t get smaller, they wouldn’t fit.

Any other ideas?

UPDATE: Mie put the question to Dr. Hal






3 responses to “Questions”

  1. Dav Avatar

    Without getting into geometry and physics, things get smaller because otherwise you wouldn’t be able to tell how far away they were.

  2. Dav Avatar

    p.s. Now shutup and eat your natto!

    -Dav <- future father

  3. mie Avatar

    Cuz when you run away from something scary, you want them to get smaller and smaller, not bigger. Likewise, when you want to run and see your favorite dog down the street, you want him to get bigger so you can hug him.

    And yes, you must eat all your natto.

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