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  • Wagging your Long Tail with Just for You

    What if you could ask each reader that came to your blog what they were interested in and show them a list of posts from your archives that matched those interests? I’ve been blogging for over five years and as posts roll off the front page they fade into the archives to be mostly forgotten,. […]

  • BrowseRank – Microsoft’s Answer to PageRank

    Microsoft announced today that they’ve discovered a better way to rank web pages. While Google’s PageRank sorts roughly on the number of incoming links that point to a page, a vote of confidence by bloggers and website editors, Microsoft’s BrowseRank looks at browsing behavior to see which links get more clicks. Sounds good on the […]

  • Google’s Flash-Eating Spider

    This announcement is definitely cool and will open up whole new areas of the web to search. But truthfully I just wanted to post this because it lends itself to a great headline. From the FAQ posted on the Google Webmaster Blog: Q: What content can Google better index from these Flash files? All of […]

  • The Lifestream Filter Will be the Next Great Algorithm War

    I’m paraphrasing the title of this post from David Recordon who threw this line out following a chat I had with him a couple of weeks back. It’s a very insightful observation that predicts opportunities in the real-time world which lifestream services operate. It’s now easier than ever to pull together an aggregated feed of […]

  • Go on, cheat a little

    Yahoo has joined up with the folks at the New York Times crosswords to promote the new Search Assist feature with a contest. The idea is that you fill the puzzle out successfully and you too can be entered into a drawing for one of five trips to Hawaii. Thing is, this thing is a […]

  • Yes, but ours go to “11”

    If you haven’t checked out the new Yahoo Search Assist, by all means do. Someone’s finally got the clustered search and suggestive results thing right. Type something into search.yahoo.com and hesitate just a bit and the pane will come rushing out with suggestions. On a lighter, Ryan Grove, one of the engineers who worked on […]

  • Mining the NY Times Archives

    Dave Winer looks to the recently released New York Times archives as rich loam of fertile content upon which many applications can be built. In another life, as a product manager for factiva.com, I came to appreciate the meta-data the Times would attach to their content as something Factiva would leverage for its clients. Factiva […]

  • The Wall Comes Down

    Everyone wondered if the New York Times would be able to pull off their Times Select premium news experiment. Despite projections of up to $10 Million in annual subscription revenues as of Wednesday morning most areas of nytimes.com will be free of charge. This is excellent news for bloggers who will now be able to […]

  • Climbing back up the rankings

    Climbing back up the rankings

    One of the most frustrating things about moving your blog to a new domain is watching your various rankings drop off a cliff and the associated loss in all the things that come with it. Despite all the attention to detail (301 redirects, revisions on all your various social networking profiles, re-writing URLs) you basically […]

  • Sitemaps.org

    Yahoo, Microsoft, and Google now all support the same sitemap protocol. If you are concerned about the way the search engines crawl and index your site, create a sitemap and make it available. More information at sitemaps.org. Also be sure to check out Yahoo! Site Explorer for more tools on how to manage your site […]