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  • Elizabeth Holmes – The Inventor

    Elizabeth Holmes, a reading list

  • Tables – poking fun at tech advertising

    I finished Season Three of Silicon Valley, the HBO comedy series built around the mythical company Pied Piper. One of the episodes opens with a brilliant takedown of every over-produced tech commercial you’ve ever seen. What do you do when you have a technical product that defies simple explanations? You string together a bunch of […]

  • Chris Sacca on TWiST

    Chris Sacca on TWiST

    Jason Calacanis interviews Chris Sacca on This Week in Startups. It’s an amazing, 2-part episode full of straight talk about the current state of startups. There are many great stories and interesting nuggets of information sprinkled throughout. I’m still listening so I’ll update this post with my favorites sections but feel free to share your […]