Elizabeth Holmes – The Inventor

After watching the HBO documentary about Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos, I’m all in everything about how she pulled the wool over so many eyes and got so many people (mostly older men points out my wife) to hand over their wallets. It’s a cautionary tale for the fast & loose culture of Silicon Valley that is starting to bump up against more traditional and heavily regulated industries such as medicine, banking, and transportation. Think of CRISPR, cryptocurrency, Space-X and Tesla as examples of projects that need to take extra care as they innovate so as not to lose the public’s trust.

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  1. John Dewey (@jd32767) Avatar

    Just saw the HBO documentary. What a cautionary tale of ethics and morals lost to a self-devouring reality distortion field. She turned what probably should have been a failed early start-up into a colossal and violent wreck upon the hard rocks of what’s technically achievable. A billion dollars can distort a lot of reality, just not forever. We hope.

    1. Ian Kennedy Avatar

      It’s such a tragedy. When things start to go bad, she just doubles down and keeps going. At what point does perseverance become blind stubbornness? She lost her perspective.

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