The week that was

Jelly Belly, the California-based jelly bean company that was a favorite treat of Ronald “just say no” Reagan, debuted a cannabis-infused jelly bean. The national pharmacy chain CVS announced that it began selling CDB products in 8 states.

Worlds collided over at Porsche where they announced they will be releasing an all-electric 911 car bringing into question what makes for a “genuine Porsche.”

Louis Vuitton is making basketball shoes.

An Italian politician who vocally opposed a new law making some childhood vaccinations mandatory was recently hospitalized after contracting chickenpox.

A driver in rural Massachusetts followed his GPS a little too closely and ended up driving his jeep deep into the forest where it got stuck.

A truck carrying a load of salami and bacon caught fire in Northern California, it must have smelled delicious.

Students at Switzerland’s Bern University of the Arts discovered that the type of music you play to cheese will effect its taste. Apparently “cheeses that were played hip-hop music were described as slightly sweet.”

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