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  • Smarted

    I’m not going to go into detail on the why and how the wheels came off, I think this line by my colleague is a pretty good summary, Strong dollar + weak yen + difficult macro environment + US tech salaries = Japanese start-up slashing 40% global headcount. David Chu on LinkedIn So yeah, the […]

  • SmartNews goes ダウンタウン

    SmartNews goes ダウンタウン

    SmartNews kicked off a new TV advertising campaign in Japan bringing together Hitoshi Matsumoto and Masanori Hamada from the comedy duo Downtown co-star in a commercial together for the first time in 10 years. Several features that are unique to our Japanese edition are in the campaign. The hugely popular coupon feature which, if you’re […]

  • Coronavirus Data

    How SmartNews is keeping its users updated on the Coronavirus pandemic.

  • SmartNews Jobs

    SmartNews Jobs

    In case you missed it, SmartNews had a big round of funding last year which we are using to staff up positions here in the United States. While we’ve always had openings for machine learning engineers (doesn’t everyone?) we now are also staffing up in Product, Marketing, and Biz Dev. If you’re interested in learning […]

  • Headline Spectrum

    So interesting when you lay the headlines along a spectrum. You can pick up quick a bit from just a headline. Trump caves, says he will release whistleblower complaint, IG report Schumer will press resolution to force administration to release whistleblower complaint to Congress Trump caves to Congress — will release full whistleblower complaint and […]

  • Distribution without tears

    Written somewhere over Kansas on the way to WordCamp for Publishers. Please look me up if you want to chat about this post. This is a shameless pitch for a plugin to WordPress my company just published but there are also broader ideas proposed here and I would love your feedback. SmartNews is a mobile […]

  • Algorithms don’t get humor

    Algorithms don’t get humor

    April Fool’s Day is always a busy day at SmartNews as our news discovery algorithm get overly excited with all the cool, interesting and unique news released that day. Here’s a running log of what we’ve had to gently remind the algorithm is actually just a joke. Eurovision SHOCK as Britain will LEAVE song contest […]

  • Personalized Discovery

    Personalized Discovery

    When asked what we’re trying to build at SmartNews, I sometimes explain it with a department store metaphor. When algorithms are applied to online shopping, they are optimized to show you exactly what you are looking for. Amazon and Netflix are famous for perfecting the “others-that-bought-what-you-bought-also-bought-this” algorithm to great effect. If you’re looking for a […]

  • SmartNews & Breaker

    As a commuter, I have two blocks of time going to and from the office when I am not able to read. During these times, I listen to podcasts as a way to get a deeper perspective on the news of the day or learn something new. Most podcast apps ask you to subscribe or […]

  • SmartNews CM with Riho Yoshioka

    SmartNews CM with Riho Yoshioka

    Television markets in Japan are much more centralized than in the United States. Therefore it’s pretty efficient to allocate marketing dollars to old school TV ads (in Japan they are called “CM” as in “commercials”) to give brand lift to online marketing. This month SmartNews dropped a set of short TV spots featuring Riho Yoshioka, […]