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  • SmartNews TV commercials featuring Tamori

    SmartNews TV commercials featuring Tamori

    SmartNews (where I work) is running a series of TV commercials in Japan featuring Japanese celebrity, Tamori. The tagline for the campaign is “禁断のニュースアプリ” which roughly translates as “The forbidden news application” as in it’s so addicting that you binge use it when you’ve got time alone. News Junkie are you? Check out the US […]

  • SmartNews shoutout on Google Play

    The crew running @googleplay account gave SmartNews a nice shoutout this morning. Thanks Google! [email protected]: Because some mornings you just don’t have time to read 13 million articles. https://t.co/7DvfY5MNHp pic.twitter.com/406m2s4qwy — Google Play (@GooglePlay) July 18, 2016 The cool animated GIF and tagline was all them. Love it! Posting here for posterity.

  • Stay Informed with SmartNews

    Facebook We are not in the business of picking which issues the world should read about. SmartNews Our mission is to discover and deliver quality stories to the world. It helps to be aligned with your partners.

  • Rich Jaroslovsky on the Future of News

    Rich Jaroslovsky on the Future of News

    There’s an on-going series of video interviews with journalists on the futureof.news site. Two recent interviews were with Rich Jaroslovsky, my boss at SmartNews. Rich and I crossed paths years ago. He not only has a good instinct for what works for media online but also a history in both the print and online journalistic […]

  • Do what you love. Love what you do.

    Do what you love. Love what you do.

    SmartNews SF had over 50 Japanese university students visit the office to learn about doing business at a US startup and learn about how to start their career. This trip is part of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs-funded Kakehashi Project to promote greater understanding and opportunities between the US and Japan. I’m always looking for […]

  • SmartNews Hidden Gems 2015

    We all remember the biggest stories of 2015, El Chapo’s escape, Ronda Rousey’s KO, and who can forget The Dress? In the spirit of discovery, we at SmartNews would like to highlight the stories that you might have missed. Following on the hidden gems theme, I took a look at each of the SmartNews categories and […]

  • Recommended from SmartNews

    SmartNews has built a sophisticated, duplicate content filter so that when the latest press release from a presidential candidate, disaster, crime, or culinary sensation hits the proverbial viral loop, the breaking news from multiple outlets does not overwhelm the app and crowd out other stories. SmartNews strives to promote only the best and unique stories to our readers. […]

  • Ghost in the Machine

    Ghost in the Machine

    There are at least two sides to every story. The Planned Parenthood videos were a polarizing topic that monopolized the news cycle several weeks ago. How do you teach an algorithm a point of view? How do you optimize for discovery and strike the right balance for diversity while avoiding duplication? SmartNews is a news aggregation app driven […]

  • SmartNews Pro Tip: Save it for Later

    SmartNews is focused on today’s news. Because of this the app is optimized for showing you the most important stories of the moment. The idea is to get you up to speed on what’s going on and then on with your day. If we do our job well there, the thinking goes, you’ll be back. […]

  • Popping filter bubbles at SmartNews

    Popping filter bubbles at SmartNews

    It’s now just over a month since I joined SmartNews and I am digging into what’s under the hood and the mad science that drives the deceptively simple interface of the SmartNews product. On the surface, SmartNews is a news aggregator. Our server pulls in urls from a variety of feeds and custom crawls but the […]