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  • EdgeRank, the Facebook Newsfeed Algorithm

    EdgeRank, the Facebook Newsfeed Algorithm

    Michael Berstein, a researcher at MIT, posts a snapshot of the algorithm used to calculate what is shown to you in the Facebook Top News feed. The algo is called EdgeRank and he describes it as such: I’ll cut through the math using words. Whenever somebody interacts with a news feed item, they create an edge […]

  • Once we can address the past, we have time travel

    Excerpts from an IM conversation with a colleague in which we figured out how we will eventually be able to time travel. It’s Friday.  [13:15] jonathanhstrauss: as or more disruptive than web 2.0[13:15] jonathanhstrauss: which i define as the disaggregation of the back end services from the front end uis[13:16] finduseshare: didn’t apis and xml […]

  • Satellite Radio as a Wireless iPod

    Thursday’s Wall Street Journal had a piece on their front page (timed for the Howard Stern’s move to Sirius satellite radio) which talked about how record companies which had cut the satellite broadcasters sweet deals on royalties because of their limited reach are now beginning to regret it. While existing models (such as the Sirius […]

  • Origins of the “TiVo” moniker

    Origins of the “TiVo” moniker

    The winning answer was we were naming the next TV. I thought it should be as close as possible to what people would find familiar so it must contain T and V. I started looking at letter combinations and pretty quickly settled on TiVo. I also liked that “i” and “o” were a part of […]

  • Google Video Search

    Google Labs just announced that they are now providing a video search engine. Details in a BBC article here. This is slightly different than the video search announced by Yahoo earlier in that is indexes the closed caption content provided with television shows and returns results that show where in television segment the search terms […]

  • Kids in a timeshifted world

    Tivo – television on your own terms. What would the world be like for kids that grow up knowing nothing else? Alan Taylor writes about his 3 year old’s view of television: First – she doesn’t watch much TV (an allotted hour per day), but when she does watch it, she gets a choice of […]